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TV Series Like Thieves of the Wood

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About Thieves of the Wood

Production takes place in the 1700s. Jan, who is on the Silesian front as a mercenary for the Austrian army, returns to the region where his village is located, namely the Flemish region of Aalst.However, when he returns, he sees that his village and the region where he is located have turned into the camp of the French army. In fact, Jan does not have the idea of ​​staying there and struggling, which he does not have the means to do so anyway.His aim is to move to America, which he calls the freedom zone, and to live there. However, things are progressing differently than he thought.Thanks to Jan, the gang of robbers who live in the forests of the city, who are excluded from the town and exiled for various reasons, are starting to think bigger and different.

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