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TV Series Like The Ponysitters Club

Ponysitters Club: Fun at the Fair

48 Christmas Wishes

Coop and Cami Ask the World


Free Rein: The Twelve Neighs of Christmas


Descendants 2


A Witches' Ball
Project Mc²

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About The Ponysitters Club

In PONYSITTERS CLUB, a young horse enthusiast inspires her friends to join her in caring for the animals that arrive at her family’s Rescue Ranch. Skye’s (Morgan Neundorf) boundless love of animals yields especially strong bonds with the horses that need extra attention. Her friends Olivia (Maya Franzoi), Trish (Khiyla Aynne), Isabella (Victoria Tomazelli), and Ethan (Zyon Allen) form the Ponysitters Club and volunteer at the ranch, which is run by Skye’s mom, Billy (Madeline Leon), and grandfather (Hugh Wilson). As the Ponysitters care for the animals, they also find opportunities to demonstrate kindness and help each other through the challenges that arise in their own lives.

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