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TV Series Like The Last Bus

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About The Last Bus

A ten part Sci-Fi series aimed at family audiences, currently in post production for Netflix. The Last Bus tells the story of a group of school students who travel to a tech expo where a millionaire entrepreneur is showcasing a new class of AI driven orbs capable of repairing the earth’s environment. The Last Bus is billed as a sci-fi road trip adventure, which tells the story of a group of mismatched school kids who band together to face a fearsome new machine intelligence.

It is being written and created by Paul Neafcy, who was spotted by Wildseed after posting films on YouTube from his bedroom. Neafcy also worked with Wildseed on PrankMe.

Another YouTube creator, Drew Casson, will direct alongside Lawrence Gough and Steve Hughes, both of whom have helmed episodes of Doctor Who. Nour Wazzi is a fourth director.

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