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TV Series Like Mytho

Twice Upon a Time

Murder in the Thirst

Holiday Secrets

The Bonfire of Destiny

Three Days of Christmas

The Stranger

Addicted to Food

Kissing Game

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About Mytho

Fransa’nın Arte kanalında ekimde yayınlanmaya göre Mytho adlı diziyi biraz inceleyecek olursak, Les Revenants’ın da yaratıcısı olarak bildiğimiz Fabrice Gobert, Anne Berest ile birlikte diziyi yarattı. Gobert aynı zamanda dizinin yönetmeni de. Bölüm süreleri 41-55 dk arası değişiyor ve ilk sezon 6 bölümden oluşuyor. Dizi 2 sezonunun onayını aldı. Dizinin uluslararası yayın hakları da Netflix tarafından alındı.

Our main character, Elvira, is a mother who feels exhausted and thinks her worth is unknown, she works and earns a family livelihood, as well as trying to take care of all the housework on her own. But neither his life partner nor his children ignore these sacrifices. While he does not enjoy life that much, a lump grows in his chest and the cancer goes to the doctor. It is a false alarm and not a patient, but will use the false alarm for a correct purpose.

Elvira starts pretending to be a cancer patient to win her family’s attention, and things unfold.

There is Mathieu Demy as Patrick as Elvira’s life partner. Patrick is a photographer and earns money by going to photo shoots, but he does not contribute to the family livelihood as much as Elvira and he has a secret relationship.

It’s a beautiful drama that doesn’t bother watching the drama. They’ve created the character in a bonding way rather than pathetic, and it’s a difficult balance. Well tuned, the drama ends open-ended, but luckily the second season has been approved and is expected to meet audiences in the fall of 2020.

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