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About Manhunt: The Night Stalker

Manhunt is a British television drama based on the true story surrounding the investigation into the death of French student Amélie Delagrange. The subsequent manhunt eventually led to the arrest of Levi Bellfield for Delagrange’s murder, and several other high profile, yet previously unsolved cases.

On the evening of 19 August 2004, a young woman has been attacked on Twickenham Green, in the south-west of Greater London. The victim, identified as Amélie Delagrange, is a 22-year-old French student visiting the UK. She dies in hospital from serious head injuries.Metropolitan Police select Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton to lead a large task force as Senior Investigating Officer. No forensic evidence can be procured from the scene, and there are no links in Delagrange’s past that could indicate a motive. There have been several previous attacks and murders of young women in the area, and within 24 hours, the investigation establishes that she might have been killed by the same person who killed Marsha McDonnell on 3 February 2003. The series ends with the prosecutor finally being satisfied by the available evidence and deciding to charge Bellfield with the murder of Delagrange, as well as the hit-and-run of Sarah Knight, with the murder of Marsha McDonnell to hopefully follow.

Manhunt: The Night Stalker is based on the true story of the police pursuit of a notorious burglar and serial rapist who left thousands of elderly people in Southeast London living in fear, between 1992 and 2009. As the suspect continued to evade capture, Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton (Clunes) was asked in 2009 to review the case. Working with Detective Superintendent Simon Morgan and the dedicated “Operation Minstead” team, Sutton proposed a strategy he believed could catch one of Britain’s most prolific rapists, focusing a vast surveillance operation around a key area of southeast London. Scores of additional officers were deployed to invisibly saturate the target area on a nightly basis. The clock was ticking, as the Night Stalker was becoming ever more brazen and prolific. The drama explores how Sutton came in and helped solve it in a matter of weeks, taking an incredibly dangerous criminal off the street

The second season co-stars Claudie Blakley (Pride and Prejudice), who plays Colin’s wife, Louise Sutton, and Matthew Gravelle (Broadchurch) as DI Nathan Eason. Manhunt: The Night Stalker was created by Colin Sutton and Ed Whitmore (Viewpoint, Silent Witness, Rillington Place, Strike Back), and was produced by Buffalo Pictures. The executive producers are Philippa Braithwaite and Ed Whitmore, the producer is Jo Willett, the co-producer is Evie Bergson-Korn, and the director is Marc Evans.

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