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TV Series Like Hannibal Buress: Miami Nights

Hannibal Buress: Comedy Camisado

Eric Andre: Legalize Everything

Mark Normand: Out to Lunch

Joe List: I Hate Myself

Hannibal Buress: Handsome Rambler

Dave Chappelle: 8:46

Sam Morril: I Got This

Sam Jay: 3 in the Morning

Beth Stelling: Girl Daddy

Jimmy O. Yang: Good Deal

Hannibal Buress: Animal Furnace

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About Hannibal Buress: Miami Nights

Hannibal Buress returns with his first comedy special in four years, Miami Nights, premiering via YouTube live stream. The special comes three years after the Chicago native’s 2017 arrest by Miami police for alleged “disorderly conduct.” Buress uses this special to discuss his experience in Miami, alongside the backdrop of a national and international conversation around police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Last episode of Hannibal Buress: Miami Nights aired July 3, 2020 on Youtube Premium.

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