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TV Series Like El Marginal

Los simuladores

Un gallo para Esculapio

Historia de un clan

El puntero

Casados con hijos

Apache: La vida de Carlos Tevez

Hermanos y detectives

El Ángel

Peter Capusotto y sus videos

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About El Marginal

In the first season, the former cop Miguel Palacios (Juan Minujín) is jailed at San Onofre, under a fake name and a fake judicial case. His mission is to infiltrate a criminal gang of prisoners and prison guards, and gather information about the daughter of a judge kidnapped by said gang.

The second season is a prequel that takes place three years before Miguel Palacios infiltrated San Onofre. Mario Borges (Claudio Rissi) and Juan Pablo “Diosito” Borges (Nicolás Furtado) are sent to San Onofre where they plan to overthrow the leader of the prison, “El Sapo” Quiroga (Roly Serrano). To achieve that, they ally themselves with the “Sub-21” gang and with Patricio Salgado, a doctor with a mysterious past.

In the third Season, the Borges brothers are tasked with taking care of Cristian Pardo (Lorenzo Ferro), the son of an important businessman, who killed his friend while drunk in a car accident. While Diosito is tasked with the boy’s care, the “Sub-21” joins with “Pantera” (Ignacio Sureda) and Bruni (Alejandro Awada) to take down the Borges.

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