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TV Series Like Dream Corp LLC

Off the Air

The Heart

She Holler


The Shivering Truth


Neon Joe

Werewolf Hunter

Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories

Joe Pera Talks with You

Frisky Dingo
Moral Orel
Tim and Eric Awesome Show
Great Job!
Tom Goes to the Mayor

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About Dream Corp LLC

Dream Corp LLC is set in a run-down dream therapy facility located in a derelict strip mall which “operates on the fringes of medical science and legality”. Desperate patients – all of them referred to only by number – have their dreams recorded and analyzed by Dr. Roberts and his staff. Roberts uses an unconventional method: he inserts himself into those surreal dreams to guide the patient to overcoming their problem, all while being watched and monitored by his colleagues, including the claw-handed technician Randy; Ahmed, a dope-smoking nurse; the sardonic robot T.E.R.R.Y.; Roberts’ female psychology assistant (who changes every season); and a patient, 88, who has been co-opted to work for Roberts as part of his therapy, because he could not pay for it.

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Last episode of Dream Corp LLC on Adult Swim aired on November 23, 2020.

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