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About Devils

The Italian Massimo Ruggero is the Head of Trading at the huge American New York – London Bank (NYL). While the financial crisis is raging in Europe, Massimo is making hundreds of millions out of speculation.

As his mentor Dominic Morgan, the American CEO of NYL and the nearest to a father that Massimo has ever had, fully supports him, the talented trader seems to be the first choice in the run for vice-CEO.

But when Massimo is involved in a painful scandal that sees his ex-wife playing an escort, Dominic denies him the promotion, choosing the old-school banker Edward Stewart instead.

Massimo is left astounded: his father turned his back on him. Convinced that the scandal was a set-up, Massimo is determined to seek the truth but when Edward suddenly dies, Massimo realizes that something bigger is at stake.

With the help of his squad and a group of hacktivists, Massimo will discover the hidden agenda behind apparently unrelated events such as the Strauss-Khan scandal, the Libyan war and the crisis of the PIIGS.

Facing the Devils who pull the strings of the world, Massimo will have to choose whether to fight them or to join them.

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