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TV Series Like BattleBots

Battle Bots

Robot Wars

American Gladiators

Deadliest Warrior

Rob & Big

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About BattleBots

BattleBots features the biggest, baddest, strongest, and fastest next-generation robots from all over the world as they duke it out for supremacy in the rapidly exploding world of Robot Combat Sports. The premier robot combat competition is about to become even bigger than before. Discovery announced it has picked up an additional two seasons of BattleBots, totalling an unprecedented order of 80 hours of robot-crunching action.

BattleBots highlights the design and builds of each robot, bot builder backstories, and their pursuit of the BattleBots championship. Homemade robots built on a myriad of platforms and featuring a huge variety of deadly weapons go head-to-head, all captured by state-of-the-art onboard technology and cameras to enhance viewing and provide combat analytics.

In another major move, BattleBots will stage its 2021 World Championships beginning next month in the fight capital of the world, Las Vegas. The iconic BattleBox fight arena has been completely reimagined for the new seasons with extra hazards for the robots – generating even more tension and excitement for viewers.

In addition, the 2022 Championships will also be held in Vegas during the summer of 2022. All the bot-breaking action will play out in front of a live audience of dedicated BattleBots fans from around the world at Caesars Entertainment Studios. The new season will air later this year on Discovery.

More than 65 teams will travel to Las Vegas with their fighting machines to slug it out in a series of battles to the death. The ultimate winner will take home the greatest prize in the sport: The Giant Nut, which is currently held by End Game from New Zealand.

The competition this year will be fierce. Teams from across America will compete against rivals from Europe, Asia and South America with the hope of bringing the Giant Nut back to the USA. Former title holder Tombstone will be in the field, along with current World Champion End Game. Fan favourites Witch Doctor, SawBlaze, Hydra, Whiplash and Valkyrie will also fight to hoist the Nut, while Backsmith, Minotaur, DUCK! and Icewave will hope for triumphant returns after missing the 2020 season.

Sportscaster Chris Rose and UFC fighter Kenny Florian will return once again to provide play-by-play commentary, along with expert contributions from Pete Abrahamson, a.k.a. The Bot Whisperer. Meanwhile, Faruq Tauheed returns to the BattleBox as Ring Announcer.

Audiences are invited to watch the robot fighting action from new home of BattleBots in Las Vegas, where BattleBots will tape from August 23 – September 4 at Caesars Entertainment Studios.

Tickets are available now for the public ($40-$125) and can be purchased by visiting the BattleBots ticketing page.

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2021 World Championships Set to take place This Month in The Fight Capital of The World, Las Vegas, With Tickets Available Now

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Last episode of BattleBots aired March 11, 2021 on Discovery.

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