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TV Series Like Ballmastrz: 9009

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About Ballmastrz: 9009

In a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a string of devastating “Rad Wars,” a god-like entity called Crayzar founds a bloodsport known as The Game, in which two teams try to kill each other using a ball. The series follows Gaz Digzy, the former captain of the best team in the Game, The Boom Boom Boys, who is demoted to The Leptons, the worst team in The Game. Her only way back to the top is to somehow lead these pathetic misfits and ‘ultimate losers’ to victory.

As the series has progressed, The Game has been slowly clarified. Initially an ill-explained violent sport between two teams with balls, it has developed into a very simple competition where each team attempts to score goals with their respective ball, the goals being a small ball-sized indent on opposing sides of the play area the ball is stuck into. The balls themselves are sapient and their personalities are similar to each team’s anime-inspired theme.

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