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TV Series Like Abla Fahita: Drama Queen

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About Abla Fahita: Drama Queen

Falsely incriminated, Abla Fahita is separated from her kids, but the self-indulgent diva will stop at nothing to redeem herself and reunite her family.

“Tokyo”, “Queen’s Gambit”, “Aseel Omran” … Who can take on the role of (Abla) in her upcoming Netflix drama?
The world’s asking and (Abla) has the answer. “Abla Fahita: Drama Queen” coming soon exclusively on Netflix.

If you’re coming after Abla, you gotta know she’s not just a widow with claws… She’s a widow with a plan!
“Abla Fahita: Drama Queen” coming soon, exclusively on Netflix.

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Last episode of Abla Fahita: Drama Queen aired March 15, 2021 on Netflix.

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