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TV Series Like A Teacher (TV Series)

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About A Teacher (TV Series)

This drama series examines the complexities and consequences of an illicit sexual affair between a young teacher and her student. Claire is a new teacher at Westerbrook High School in Texas. Dissatisfied in her marriage to her college sweetheart, Claire’s life changes when Eric, a personable teenager in her English class, takes an interest in her. Popular and outgoing, Eric is the captain of the soccer team and nearly inseparable from his best friends. Everything seems perfect on the surface, but Eric is forced to juggle the pressures of school, applying for college and a part-time job, all while helping take care of his two younger brothers. Claire and Eric discover an undeniable connection that allows them to escape their lives, but their relationship accelerates faster than either could anticipate. The permanent damage left in the wake of their illicit affair becomes impossible for them, and their friends and family, to ignore.

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Last episode of A Teacher (TV Series) aired December 29, 2020 on FX.

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